Ford Puma 2024: Facelift, Changes, and Specs

Ford Puma 2024: Facelift, Changes, and Specs. According to the most up to date records, a brand-new Ford Puma 2024 will not involve the United States. It misbehaves news after we had a chance to see such an awesome crossover. Puma will go on sale everywhere yet in the U.S. In Addition, Puma won’t also get to Canada and also Mexico. That means the Ford EcoSport will certainly remain the only Ford’s subcompact crossover on the continent.

Since EcoSport looks old as well as it doesn’t have so much to offer, this is a negative thing. Puma will be generally sold in Europe however you ought to also expect its arrival on some other continents too. Ford will certainly release the ST variation as well, however this version will also avoid dealers in the United States.

Ford Puma 2024: Facelift, Changes, and Specs

Puma ST Looks Hot

Ford will add an additional high-performance version right into its lineup. The forthcoming Ford Puma 2024 ST will certainly go on sale following year and it will stand for a sportier variation of the subcompact crossover.

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Like Side ST and also Traveler ST, Puma ST will be something brand-new as well as it will depart from these 2 versions. Like routine Puma, Puma ST is made for Europe as well as it will look warm. Blue Oval will certainly include different sorts of improvements.

Ford Puma 2024: Facelift, Changes, and Specs

That includes a sportier look, extra-large air consumptions, and special wheels. The trip is lower and also stiffer suspension will certainly come to be available. The interior will certainly use renowned Recaro seats, like the Ford Fiesta ST. Under the hood, Puma ST will certainly use a 1.5-liter EcoBoost three-cylinder engine. This variant provides 200 hp and also 215 lb-ft of torque as well as Ford can additionally offer it with a manual transmission.

2024 Puma Will Be Offered In Europe

It is a bitter pill to ingest. We all understood that the Puma’s arrival in the U.S. is not likely from the initial moment. Given that the very first information concerning Ford Puma 2024, all of the reports were writing about its launch in Europe. As we claimed, EcoSport will certainly stay the only Ford’s subcompact crossover in North America. This is bad due to the fact that the followers were hoping to see something new in the deal. EcoSport is in some way the 8 best-selling subcompact model out of seventeen competitors.

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Ford Puma 2024: Facelift, Changes, and Specs


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Nonetheless, EcoSport exists for nine years currently as well as it doesn’t have a lot to provide. Whatsoever, EcoSport will celebrate its tenth birthday celebration and it is one of the older nameplates in the sector. If you are a hardcore Ford fan and also you want to purchase a subcompact crossover, the circumstance is far from perfect. Puma was the only wish for the years that lead us. On the whole, Puma could represent an extra premium choice for EcoSport or it could replace it. However, absolutely nothing will happen.

Ford Puma 2024 Release Date and also Price

Ideally, Ford will introduce the next-gen Puma in the U.S. in a five-year time. Until then, the Ford Puma 2024 will begin its journey in Europe and also it will go on sale in the initial quarter of 2024.

The price of the regular Puma need to begin at around $30,000. When it comes to the ST version, anticipate it to set you back closer to $40,000. Puma ST will measure up to designs such as Nissan Juke Nismo and also Volkswagen T Roc DSG.

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